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  • Back 2 The Future...1979 & Beyond

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    The pixie blonde on the right could be yet another young hot-in-hollywood starlet who took the  super-short cut to the max - flip the image over to read the date - 1979

    40+ years of nuBest salon and spa imagery, clippings and photos, unearth a treasure-trove of yesterdays  style matching todays trends.
    nuBest photo: 1979
    Referring to the image, the models makeup; charcoal rimmed eye, natural pink lip and defined brow. Michelle, Evan, Charlize and Anne follow suit, playing with buzz, choppy and tousled locks.

    It's clear to see that style is iconic and the creators are visionaries, far beyond years and decades. The future for nubest is a bright one with a past that still and always will flame as inspiration, reference and wisdom.

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  • Thoroughly Modern Mousse

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    Shake it wildly, flip it upside down and squirt - brings back memories, doesn't it?
    "Mousse"is making a return, this time call it "whipped" rather then a handful of think, foamy, heavily scented, mostly alcohol-based fluff from decades past.  

    The new-mousse is light as air without harsh chemicals that dry and weigh down or fry when using a blow-dryer giving plenty of body without the the crunchiness factor. Hair that once stood on end now can be shiny, soft and actually manageable-who knew?
    Redken guts 10
    Our stylists go-to mousse is guts 10 by Redken. Root targeted, volume spray-foam boosts up hair at the root for maximum volume, shiny and control.

    Have to admit, the 80's & 90's will always be a chuckle when big hair was in and mousse was a few big squirts to reach hair-raising heights. Whatever your hair's texture, this new-old fashioned formula is a modern staple to modern hair.
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  • The Vault: Vintage nuBest

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    Manicures and makeup and ladies in-line! This classic salon image shows the tools and technology of the day. Estimated guess dates this photo very early eighties. Notice the Elvira Hancock AKA Michelle Pfeiffer blonde bob on the perky helpful assistant!

    Thirty years later, The "Elvira" bob made famous in-1983 (Scarface) is till top of trend for young Hollywood. Nubest, yesterday, today and tomorrow always creating beauty!  
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