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  • gossip girl beauty rundown : "the last days of disco stick"

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    what did we all think of last night's "gossip girl?" i personally thought it was a pretty good episode. here are some musings about our favorite upper-east-siders' hair and makeup:

    her questionable ethics
    (trip van der bilt? really?!) and inappropriate office attire aside, i'm really into serena's recent penchant for tied-back braids. this is an incredibly easy look to re-create, and it's a fashionable alternative to the everyday ponytail. all you need to do is pull your hair back into a tight ponytail, and secure with a clear rubberband for a polished look. next, make a basic three-strand braid with the ponytailed hair as far down towards your ends as possible, and finish with another clear rubberband. you may want to use a bit of hairspray on the front pieces of hair, which tend to fall loose from the ponytail after a while.

    next, we have jenny "little j" humphrey, whose newly-developing dalliance in the international drug trade seems like a bit of a stretch. it seems that little j is progressively lightening up on the super harsh, raccoon-esque smokey eye, which is definitely a relief. people oftentimes wrongly equate "smokey" with "black" -- next time, take a tip from jenny and try using a combination of brown shadows for a more natural look. ps: nice alexander wang jacket.

    and then we have this one..

    LOVE her, "bad romance" has been my newest theme song. however, do not try this look at home! there is only one lady gaga, so don't even try to compete. :)

    agree/disagree with our opinions? let us know by leaving a comment!

    until next monday...


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  • green nail polish : do or don't?

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    the debate about green nail polish has been going on for quite some time now. magazines like w, allure, and instyle have all covered it in their latest issues. this fall, we took notice of the trend and created our very own deep green shade, called SINFUL (available for $7 at our make-up center). so far, the color has been a huge hit, with bottles of SINFUL flying off the shelves. the polish has even gotten some attention from the lovely makeup divas blog. so, would you go green? or do you prefer a more traditional polish color?
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  • who we are

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    located in manhasset, new york, nuBest salon and spa is a truly inimitable salon and spa experience. in the 36 years since its creation, nuBest continues to reign as one of new york's premier beauty destinations. touted as the original “lifestyle salon,” and quoted by CNN as “the place people come to experience the latest trends in fashion and beauty” nuBest salon and spa offers world-class hair, beauty and spa services -- all in one modern, beautiful, and architecturally inspired 20,000 square-foot space.

    visionary owner Michael Mazzei, his son Jamie, and nephews Vincent and Christian are proud to be an integral part of the beauty community and look forw
    ard to continuing their tradition of creativity and excellent service. nuBest salon and spa has received critical acclaim from renowned publications such as: The New York Times, Elle, InStyle, Hamptons, Self, New York Magazine, Boulevard, Fitness, Long Island Pulse and Newsday.

    this blog will feature news about the salon and its various products and promotions, and tips and tricks from our knowledgeable staff of hair and beauty experts, as well as the latest in the realms of fashion, beauty, and pop culture.

    your comments are encouraged and appreciated. we would love to know what you think! please, join nuBest salon and spa in our mission to create what's next...

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