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Will You Give Bright Dye a Try?

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It takes serious guts—or major celebrity status—to pull off shocking hair color. But (somewhat) brave souls can try out the bright hair craze, without committing to a full head of Crayola-worthy color. 

If you're fair, try pastels like pink, lavender, or light blue, which also look great against blonde hair. If your complexion is dark, go for rich jewel tones such as emerald greendeep purple, or even burgundy—the shades also look striking on brunettes. If your skin tone is medium, pick shades that flatter your natural hair color instead.
The coolest ways to experiment with this bold color trend is with your bangs, your ponytail, temporary extensions, or with streaks throughout your hair.

Just stop by nuBest salon and spa and give bright dye a try with our color specialists! And make a statement!

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