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after scouring for images from fashion shows in new york, london, paris and milan, we would like to pose a familiar question to you, dear readers: what's up? to answer our own question, we must point out that on the runway, hair is, for the most part, up! indeed, whether it's a loose chignon (spotted at dolce & gabbana), a messy sideswept bun (at alberta ferretti), or a pulled-back twist (a la donna karan), many designers have recently opted for updos. although some of its more severe iterations are best reserved for the runway, we feel that the updo is an excellent -- and often overlooked -- option for a daytime look. here, we have stylist pasqua modeling a beautiful twisted style, created by updo expert mervat:

to achieve this particular style, mervat took pasqua's already-wavy hair and parted it to the side before sweeping it up into a loose, low ponytail and twisting it. next, she twisted the ponytail upward and against the scalp, securing it in place with bobby pins. the final result is a sideswept twisted updo with the ends of the hair in loose waves or curls.

keep in mind that any updo style is rather difficult to execute on oneself, but an imperfect updo can often create a romantic and insouciant look, making you right on-trend!

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