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WEDDING: The Scarlet Gown

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Queen Victoria would kick up her pantaloons in horror to the notion of anything other then white - for a wedding, considering it was the Queen that invented and branded the concept of white wedding gowns.

Prior to her reign and rules of marriage, colored gowns were a standard.

Fast-forward to Vera Wang 2013 Spring wedding collection and paint your big-day red!

Not only has Wang pulled from a palette of rich hued, saturated color such as cardinal and vermilion, but included wine and crimson to balance out the collection.

wang 2013
True, not every eager bride-to-be is pawing the racks searching for a red or  color gown. White, champagne and blush are and will always stay top-trend with brides.

Choosing the right white for a gown also takes plenty of thought. Different skin tones, body shapes all need to be considered as one tone might work for one girl, a bright white or ecru might not.

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