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Weather Alert: Skin Advisory!

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The weather outside may be frightful as incoming reports broadcast a wintery mix - dry skin, chapped lips and rudy complexions. To the rescue - we got you covered!

Skin-weather Alert: DERMALOGICA SKIN KIT

This Dermalogica Skin Kit contains a full regimen of what your skin needs most:


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Make a snowman - it's that simple!

Protect your lips
When your lips feel dry and tight, it’s hard not to lick them. Resist the urge! You’re actually drying out your lips more. Instead, indulge in lip balm with SPF and wrap up in a scarf.

Get sharp about shaving (guys take note)
Shaving can irritate your skin, especially if it’s already dry. Change blades, use a moisturizing shave gel and follow with a SPF infused daily moisture

Moisturize everywhere
Don't forget the rest! Our face is first priority when it comes to moisturizer but think full-body protection especially in the winter. A little extra on areas that tend to dry out, give an extra dose of coverage.

Slather on the sunscreen
Even if you don’t feel the warmth, UV rays are beating down on your skin all year round. Creams containing sunscreen cut down your exposure, keeping a healthy glow.

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