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As the trend of ombre hair color turns dark and rich hued, no longer the redundant two-shade gradient, ombre has made an about-face, sweeping right across the brow-line and even lower from fingers to toes. 

Madonna ombre
Choose multi-tonal, jewel metallic from all sides of the color wheel. Think dark to light, light to dark and colors that spark all sorts of technicolor, pop-art confusion- oddly it all works!

Start with a few colors you love and see how each one connects, blending for a cohesive gradient of color from end to end. Try one favorite shade with offshoots of that color; red-magenta-purple-violet, you get the idea!

A single color, think jewel-tone amethyst or sapphire blended with charcoal or midnight powder is another dynamic ombre-inspired effect.

The key is to practice with tons of different tones, mixing and matching!  

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