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tip of the day : prime time

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this is the first installment of our "tip of the day" feature, where our beauty experts will dispense their wisdom when it comes to hair cut/style, hair color, makeup, skin, and fragrance. since this is the first time we're offering a tip, we'll keep it simple. today's tip comes from makeup artist Anna Naso. according to Anna, one must-have in your makeup arsenal is a good primer. a primer is a colorless lotion or gel that is applied to the face before the rest of your makeup is applied. Anna notes that using a primer has many benefits; it evens out skin tone, truly sets your foundation in place, extends the wear of your makeup and can protect and moisturize your skin.

at nuBest, we offer Sonya Dakar Pore Minimizer as an excellent primer. this extremely lightweight and mattifying formula feels amazing on the skin -- after testing it on myself, i can personally attest that my skin felt smooth, but not the slightest bit slick or greasy. as an added benefit, this particular primer minimizes the appearance of the visible pores on your face, creating a flawless finish. you can purchase Sonya Dakar Pore Minimizer primer at nuBest's Makeup Center. for more information, leave a comment, email, or call 516.627.6444.

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