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tip of the day : for your eyes only

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today's tip focuses on the eyes, and how you can truly accentuate the color of your eyes by using the correct eye shadow. according to our makeup expert anna naso, there are specific eye shadow shades that complement and correspond with certain eye colors. here's how she breaks it down:

green eyes to create a truer green eye color, you can use purple shades, ranging from violet and lilac to the deeper burgundy and plum.

brown eyes those of you with brown eyes have a bit more freedom when it comes to choosing the perfect eyeshadow; however, anna suggests using cool gunmetal grays and silvers to offset the warmth of a dark brown eye (if you have a lighter brown or hazel eye, try a lavender or teal shadow instead).

blue eyes if you want to bring out your true blues, use copper or vibrant yellow eye shadows. these shades will emphasize the gold ring that often surrounds the pupils of those with baby blues.
still need help finding that perfect shade? stop by the nuBest make-up center and one of our makeup artists would be happy to point you in the right direction!

photo courtesy of Allure magazine

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