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the rise of "guybrows"

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according to a recent new york times article, there has been a proliferation in what NYC-based eyebrow stylist ramy gafni calls "guybrows" -- that is, a slight trimming and plucking of male clients' eyebrows. as gafni says, "i don't create an arch for men. you want to take the weight out of it and groom the brow, but you don't want it to look 'done.'"

this conservative yet style-conscious approach to men's grooming has accumulated several celebrity fans, including ryan seacrest and (swoon) david beckham. with brow gurus like anastasia have become almost as prominent as their famous clients, and brow bars becoming increasingly prevalent,
we very well may be entering what the article calls "the time of the eyebrow." however, what makes this particularly newsworthy is the apparent spike in interest among the male population. clearly (and in some cases, thankfully), eyebrow shaping treatments are no longer female-specific, and any guy-specific stigmas associated with them -- who else remembers the dreadful "metrosexual" label? -- are slowly but surely diminishing.

although the article states that there are many grooming tools available on the market for do-it-yourself grooming, it also points out that it is best to leave it to the professionals; of course, we unequivocally concur. at nuBest, our male clients can have their arches plucked and trimmed to perfection at the make-up center. if preferred, we also offer the standard brow wax, as well as threading. all three are excellent options for achieving a subtle yet clean look in no less than a few minutes. indeed, the facility and ease of such treatments are hard to beat -- we recommend getting a quick arch adjustment after, say, a haircut or spa service. for more information about men's eyebrow grooming, call nuBest at 516.627.9444, or leave us a comment below!

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