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the nuBest lash bar

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new to nuBest salon and spa is the nuBest lash bar, located at our make-up center. for those of you who fuss with eyelash curlers and have tried nearly every mascara on the market to pump up your lashes with little success, we are pleased to present you with some relief! come to the nuBest lash bar and select a pair of faux lashes that will deliver a dose of glamour. our makeup experts will help you pick out the perfect lashes, whether they're for your day-to-day look or for a posh party. available as individual lashes or strip lashes (for a more dramatic look), nuBest's faux lashes blend seamlessly with your natural lashes and are comfortable enough for everyday use.
to put our lashes to the test, we enlisted our lovely salon coordinator, Lisa. here, she models the "Britney" lashes (each set of lashes is named for the great beauty icons of the world, from Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn to Gwen Stefani and even Lady Gaga):

now let's take a closer look at Lisa's lovely lashes:

gorgeous! so, what are you waiting for? this is one rare instance where we would implore you to LASH OUT... but please, don't pull a Naomi! for more information about the nuBest lash bar, call 516.627.9444.

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