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The Chop: Karlie Kloss

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If you haven't heard by now, model Karlie Kloss got cut - and for all the right reasons. So what  is the big hullabaloo -  a model chopped her locks - Think again!

Celebrity hairstylist Garren created her new ’do was bound to cause a sensation—at least in the fashion world. According to the New York Times, the model's chin-length style has even been given a name: Some call it "the Chop," while others have christened it "the Karlie."
Kate Moss cut her hair and everyone followed suit. Why-because almost any girl can rock a short or shorter length because it's not a glorified bob nor a shag - cut one length with a slight layer in front. Long enough to pull back, or up or rumpled.

Maybe for some, it's a no-brainer; taking the big cut with a snip of a scissor and rockin the shorty-short and others, a few inches here until you officially can call yourself a Kloss.. (wink) 

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