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The Big Tease: Bouffant are Back!

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The bouffant is back minus the spray-storm of shellacked helmet-like heads of the past. A tail-comb is essential along with teasing for maximum height and of-course the right product is a must to redo a modern take on a old classic.
The Ponyffant: create two ponytails starting with a deep side-part, pulling sides into a tight low pony. Tease crown with a smooth finish, pulling crown section to the base of neck. Gather both ponys, wrapping a small section of hair to cover elastics.
The Unfussffant: after teasing crown gather hair into a low bun, or knot, making sure to tuck ends. Backcomb crown area making sure to follow a roundish textured shape. Leave longer pieces or a few bangs.

Think spring with a reissued take on a retro style. Remember to keep it modern and fun, tease away!    

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