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The 411 on Concealers

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Choosing the right concealer is an essential step to applying make-up and looking sassy. It’s important to find the right shade and know where exactly to apply it on the face.

Once you know the professional tricks for choosing a shade that’s right and putting it on correctly, a concealer can be your best friend. It can brighten a tired face, cover a blemish, bring attention to a focal point, and camouflage under-eye discoloration. Used with foundation, a concealer can also change or refine any complexion with dramatic, painterly effect.

Traditional concealers can look cakey and heavy. In place of traditional concealers, the sheerness of these newer concealers allows you to combine them with other formulas and foundation, so that the skin looks flawless both in photos and in person.

Today’s concealers aren’t limited to yellow—they come in a wider range of undertones like peach, coral, or orange. The trick with color correction is to choose a concealer with a base, which has an undertone opposite of the discoloration you’re trying to cover up. For example, to disguise blue-toned under-eye circles, try a concealer with a peach or coral undertone.

To get the perfect highlight, choose a concealer about two shades lighter than the complexion. To contour with perfect depth and dimension, choose a concealer about two shades darker than the complexion. 

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