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Summer Hair Trend: The Top Knot

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From the runways of Milan to the streets of NYC, the hottest summer hairstyle can knot be missed. The Top Knot Bun is the summer's most popular style for a sophisticated yet modern fix to any hair day.

Not only is this style the perfect fix for a bad hair day, but anyone can try it, too. Regardless of the length (minus a pixie of course!) and type of hair, or if it is clean or dirty, this style is a simple and modern, yet stylish and classic fix to any hair day.  The sophisticated style will keep you cool during the hot summer days and is surprisingly easier than it looks. Within minutes, you can achieve this runway look.  Here is a simple How-To to score a Top Knot like Kate Bosworth's: 

What You Need: Teasing Comb, Hair Spray, Hair Elastic, Bobby Pin. 
Step 1: Place hair in a high, slicked back ponytail
Step 2: Take section of ponytail and tease the hair
Step 3: Wrap teased hair around pony tail
Step 4: Place a bobby pin to secure the teased hair
Step 5: Pull pieces of the bun down to create desired shape
Step 6: Secure with bobby pins
Step 7: Hair spray the top knot and any fly aways

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