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Spa Pedicure Benefits

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Why do we get pedicures? Most would say its because we like our toes to look "pretty." While the finishing polish on your "pretty" toes is the icing on the cake, pedicures are much more than that. Pedicures are good all year round, not just the summer. Why? Simple, a pedicure does many things for our health, as well as our mind. 

When we relax back into a massaging chair during the pedicure process, we are unknowingly releasing endorphins in our brain that stimulate relaxation. This stress reducing procedure, makes us let go of some stress that dominates our lives without even realizing it! Before our technician even begins our service, we are more relaxed, less stressed, and growing even more so by the minute.

During the pedicure process, critical hygiene habits are taken care of for us. Our nails are clipped, our cuticles removed, and our dead skin scrubbed away. These basic, yet often overlooked, hygiene items are important for us to maintain healthy feet and legs. When we have our cuticles removed, we are allowing our nails to breathe and continue to grow healthy nails. With the removal and scrubbing away of dead skin, we activate the regenerative properties of our own bodies in producing more skin which helps with elasticity. Many of us suffer from dry skin throughout the winter. Having a pedicure throughout the year, helps keep our skin softer.

Receiving your lower leg and foot massage during the pedicure, won't just make you feel better at that moment. The massage our technician gives you will last for days. Our technician has been trained to provide a massage that will help your stress level, as well as increase your circulation, promote elasticity, and ease muscle tension. Therefore, pedicures are good for your whole body!

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