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seasonal skincare tips

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if the past few days are any indication, winter is making its presence known. unfortunately, the first victim of the season's blustery winds and chilly climes is the skin, which typically becomes dry, irritated, and sallow. we're now in the throes of the holiday season, when our social calendars fill up and we're bouncing from party to party, making it all the more necessary to get our skin glowing (ideally, like blake lively, pictured above). so, without further ado, here are some helpful tips for solving some of winter's most perplexing complexion problems:
  • the first step in your winter skincare regimen should be a gentle, cream-based cleanser. we swear by anything from the sonya dakar product line because they nourish the skin without stripping away moisture.

  • exfoliation is necessary, especially during the winter! after cleansing, use a gentle exfoliant, like dermalogica's daily microfoliant. although you may think that exfoliating will further irritate already dry skin, it is actually imperative to winter skincare. in addition to sloughing away dead skin, making the skin appear brighter and smoother, gently exfoliating allows for the skin to more readily absorb moisturizer.

  • speaking of moisturizer, it's wise to switch to a thicker one in the winter. lightweight moisturizers are ideal in the summer, when pores are more likely to clog up due to product overload. however, in the winter, a thicker moisturizer is a better defense against the wind and cold. you might want to get a tinted moisturizer, to add a hint of color to a pallid complexion.
  • don't forget your lips! we always make sure to throw a sonya dakar peppymint lip juice in our pocket or purse before we set out for the day. it's packed with essential oils and vitamin E, which keep our pouts looking perfect (you can find us under the mistletoe, thankyouverymuch)

what changes do you make to your winter skincare routine? are there any other tips that you swear by once the temperatures drop? tell us!

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