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Red Hot for Fall

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A common look this summer that is sure to continue into the fall is colored lipstick. While peaches and pinks were popular this summer, look out for all shades of reds as a trend this fall. Red lipstick has always been an elegant makeup staple that can always perk up one's look. Anyone can pull of the red lip and at any age, if it is done right. Here are some tips to get rosy red lips like Rose Byrne and pull of this trendy look in a classy and sophisticated way:

Tips for Colored Lips:

1. Keep Eye Makeup Simple: If you are using a colored lipstick, it should be the focus of your look when it comes to your makeup. Keep eyes simple, with light eye shadows, a little liner and mascara to compliment lips. As you can see, Rose Byrne kept her eye make up super simple, with little to no shadow, but still accentuated her eyes with a fine line of eyeliner and mascara. 

2. Apply a neutral liner: In order to prevent the lipstick from "bleeding", apply a neutral liner on the border of your lips that is close to your natural lip color. Red lip liner should only be used if it is an exact match to the lipstick color as to avoid a two-toned look. 

3. Prime lips with Balm: Without a dab of balm, a bold lip color will draw attention to any cracks or flakes. Just a dab though- too much will prevent lip stick from adhering! 

4. Use a brush: For the best precision, a brush should be used regardless if the lip color comes in a tube or a pot. Start at the center and work your way to the outer edges. 

5. Blot lips with tissue: After applying lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue to remove excess color. This excess color could end up on your teeth if this step is skipped!

6. Apply another layer of color with brush: The second layer of color over the blotted lips will make sure the color will last for hours. Make sure this extra color is applied away from the area where it can get on teeth!

7. Apply gloss: After lips are colored and blotted, apply a gloss to add shine. 

If you are having a hard time finding the right shade of red for you, ask a nuBest make-up artist at the make-up center. 

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