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Recreate The Sleek High Ponytail

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Once upon a time, women tucked their hair into rubber bands and hair ties, creating simple ponytails for casual convenience. No more.

The classic sleek ponytail is not difficult, but five basic steps are generally required. Of course, medium to long hair is needed for a high sleek ponytail hairstyle. 

1. First, shampoo and condition the hair.
Shiny, clean hair is a prerequisite for the sleekest ponytail. After shampooing, add conditioner, using a wide-toothed comb to work the product down to the more fragile ends. Rinse thoroughly.
2. Blow dry hair, and straighten with a hot flat iron for the sleekest ponytail.
Dry the hair with a blow dryer, and use a hot flat iron to create the longest, straightest strands possible.
3. Secure hair in a high ponytail position with a covered, elastic band.
Pull the hair back and up into a high, tight ponytail, fastening it in a no-tear, elastic hair band. The sleek ponytail should fall from the top of the back of the head, not the crown.
4. Covering the elastic band.
Take a narrow section of hair and wrap around the band, securing by hair pins underneath the base of the tail.
5. Smooth the sleek ponytail with hair gel or hair serum.
Sparingly add a bit of hair gel or hair serum to seal in shine and eliminate frizz. Do not use hairspray, as this will destroy the softness and flatten the sleek ponytail.
The sleek ponytail draws hair away from the face and neck in an elegant fashion, highlighting a woman's own features. As a result, a woman's eyes become the showcase of the face, so tasteful makeup completes the glamorous look.

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