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rainy day hair tips

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the month of may is in full swing -- college grads are celebrating (or are they panicking?), backyard gourmands are waiting with bated breath in anticipation of the upcoming memorial day weekend barbeques, and the weather is supposed to be warming up. you can imagine our dismay, then, when we woke up this morning only to be met with gray skies, wet ground, and the incomprehensible combination of humidity and chilliness in the atmosphere. on these days, we're tempted to throw in the towel and throw on a hat..but you, our style-savvy readers, are far better than that! so, without further ado, here are some of our rainy day hair styling tips:
our favorite option happens to be one of spring's most popular trends: the side-braid. we've covered this look on the blog before, but it's simply too good to exclude. first seen on the runways at alexander wang, the plaited look has popped up everywhere, from the pages of vogue and elle to the red carpet, as modeled by rachel mcadams and amanda seyfried. the ingeniousness of this particular look lies in its simplicity and imperfection -- in fact, the messier the braid, the more on-trend you probably are!

another fail-safe look is the ponytail. whether you wear it high, low, slicked back, loose, center or side-parted, the ponytail is a versatile option that will keep your hair out of your face while neutralizing the threat posed by frizz. here's a high, polished and wavy ponytail in action, as seen at louis vuitton:
if you're feeling casual, you might want to try a topknot, or a high bun. this was another winning runway look, seen at lanvin and fendi. to re-create the look, simply gather your hair as high up as possible and secure it into a ponytail. next, twist the ponytail and loosely wind it around, setting it in place with pins. again, when it comes to this look, the messier the better, so feel free to play up your hair's natural texture by keeping the hair loose and unkempt.

for those of you with bangs, we would suggest either trying a headband (or several!) or twisting the frontmost sections back. the latter style is favored by the city's whitney port. to get the look, create a center part. on each side, take a piece of hair just above the temples (about 1 inch thick, where your bangs are), twist it away from your face and pull back. secure the hair with bobby pins or barettes. this particular look can be done on anyone, no matter the length of the hair.

full disclosure: we settled on a high, messy ponytail with fringe today. what hair styles do you save for rainy days? do you have any other tips and tricks? impart your wisdom in the comments section!

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