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quick tip : silly bandz as hair accessories?

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as virtually anyone from the age of 5 and up can tell you, the latest craze among kids are silly bandz -- or, for the uninitiated, rubber bands that come in a variety of colors and shapes, from animals to stars and dinosaurs (it's amazing what qualifies as a must-have item these days..). according to the new york times, they have recently caught on with adults and celebrities, and -- being the ahead-of-the-curve trendsetters that they are -- some of our staff members have been spotted with the telltale neon bands around their wrists.

in a moment of desperation, we noticed that silly bandz can also double up as a hair elastic in a pinch! in fact, their vibrant colors can even lend a hint of fun and whimsy to an otherwise mundane ponytail. so, once this fad fades into obscurity (which it inevitably will, if it hasn't already), instead of leaving your stray silly bandz strewn around the house, in the car, or wherever else, you may want to use it in your hair. don't have any on you? me either -- i'll be stealing mine from my little sister.

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