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quick tip : banish hat head!

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as we've expressed before, we appreciate a good hair accessory every now and then; when it's this cold and snowy outside, a hat is a no-brainer. and with so many options to choose from -- knit caps, wide-brimmed chapeaus, fur trappers, and riding caps among them -- a hat is a great way to add a chic touch to an otherwise lacking winter ensemble. however, in the small event that you are forced to take off your topper, you may be faced with one of winter's most vexing woes: hat head, which can leave hair flat and extremely static.

static electricity stems from dryness. thus, your defense against hat head should start with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, which will lock in hair's natural moisture. avoid any shampoo that will strip your hair of its natural oils. in addition to this, try not to over-wash your hair, as this can cause dryness as well. instead of washing, say, every day, use a dry shampoo or a light moisturizing spray between washes to extend your blowout a day or two longer.

once your hair is washed and dry, finish styling by spraying a brush or comb with hairspray, and lightly running it through your hair. this will hold hair in place as well as reducing static. if you don't like the stiffness that is generally associated with using hairspray, try using a pomade. however, be careful not to use too much product, as this will cause unnecessary buildup.

do you have any tips that you swear by for combating hat head and static? tell us!

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