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ombré hair : do or don't?

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when it comes to color, we've noticed a burgeoning trend on the rise: ombré hair. although we first spotted the look last fall on a select few early adopters, now that summer is in full swing, the ombré look is becoming more and more prevalent. what exactly is ombré, you may ask? in fashion, it is a fabric dyeing process that involves the gradation of color from light to dark. the same general rule applies to ombré hair, though in this case, hair color goes from dark (at the roots) to light (at the ends). when done correctly, it should appear as though you've neglected to touch up your roots for, like, 6 least. confused? take a look at the famous faces who are experimenting with the look:

apparently, this look can be achieved by brunettes (see: rachel bilson, ashlee simpson) and blondes (i.e. lauren conrad) alike. we feel that actress rose byrne nailed the execution of the trend, as her hair's gradation is subtle yet still looks sophisticated and shiny, whereas simpson and model/muse/designer erin wasson just look somewhat ratty and unkempt -- unless that's what they were going for. all in all, we're torn on the ombré effect; what do you think?

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