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nuBest's beach bag essentials

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this weekend, yours truly is headed to the hamptons! with friday approaching rapidly (and i'm still not packed -- gasp!) i've started to give some thought to what i'll be bringing with me when i hit the beach with my new FEED tote bag in tow (loving the colorful ikat fabric, and the fact that the bags were created in an effort to support UNICEF's initiatives to feed malnourished children in guatemala). without further ado, here's my little list of beach bag essentials:

1. sunblock. an obvious choice, especially for those of you who, like me, sizzle upon immediate contact with sunlight. i also make sure to pack a lip balm with SPF -- i swear by sonya dakar's peppymint lip juice, which features the added benefit of SPF 15 to keep lips from drying up or cracking.
2. hair elastics, bobby pins and a headscarf. these hair accessories are clutch, particularly on the beach. when my bangs tend to curl up in the sea-salty atmosphere, i pin them back with a few bobby pins, or put my hair up in an easy ponytail or bun. a printed headscarf is a fun way to keep my hair out of my face while still looking chic!

3. a before-sun hair spray. much like your skin, it's crucial to protect your hair from the sun's rays. i absolutely love kerastase's micro-voile protecteur spray because its super-lightweight formula prevents buildup, while providing just enough strength to defend against UV damage. i apply it to my hair -- damp or dry -- before heading out.

4. a water botte (or two!) because you gotta remember to keep hydrated during a long day in the sun.
5. a pair of sunglasses. again, kind of a given. i'll be wearing my chloe 2145s. :)
6. other miscellany, including some good reading material (along with the latest issues of vogue, w and elle, i'll be reading how did you get this number by sloane crosley), my trusty ipod (stocked with my favorite songs from sleigh bells, the black keys and yeasayer, among many others), and a camera.
what do you bring with you when you hit the sand? is there anything you'd add to this list? tell me in the comments section!

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