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with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, in addition to several celebrity sightings, the past few weeks have been very exciting at nuBest!

on december 15, Kym Johnson, this season's winner of "dancing with the stars" along with Donny Osmond, stopped by the salon for a day of beauty. she even had her mirrorball trophy in tow! Kym (pictured) can currently be found on broadway, where she has made her debut in "burn the floor," an amazing ballroom dance show. we saw the show last week, and we absolutely loved it! although it ends its run on january 10, if you can make it, we would definitely recommend seeing it before Kym takes her final bow...

just a few days later, on december 18, both Joey Fatone and celebrity chef Paula Deen (pictured, with her team) treated themselves to our salon and spa services.

this busy week was topped off by a particularly star-st
udded wedding..whose wedding, you might ask? well, we're not at liberty to discuss, but let's just say you can read this week's "life & style" magazine for all the details!!

phew! the end of 2009 was crazy, but very fun. it seems that this momentum will only continue through the new year and beyond!

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