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MENS: The Man-Facial

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The new-modern man who keeps his haircut fresh, follows a gym schedule and takes care of his skin might already be scheduled for his next facial, but for the ones who scoff at such personal-pampering take note!
Guys think of facials as a fruit-salad of sorts-meaning he will be slathered with all kinds of feminine-scented oils and creams. Not so, says our esthetician. "More and more men have embraced the fact that good skin is important - both for appearance and health."  

Guys often have tougher, thicker skin due to constant shaving,producing high levels of oil that cause blackheads. Plus, men will forgo using sunscreen unlike women who use makeup that have SPF protection. 

"Photorejuvenation Facial is perfect for guys", says our esthetician."Skin appears naturally smoother, tighter, and more radiant with each treatment.  Photo-Rejuvenation Facials use specific wavelengths of natural blue and infrared light energy to stimulate skin at the cellular level.

"It's a modern-man type of facial using both laser technology and traditional facial methods".

Take advantage of SPA WEEK and experience a Photorejuvenation Facial at nuBest!    

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