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Knowing Your Hair Colors

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Maybe it's that first warm breeze and bronzed afternoon skies that evoke such color-changing, hair desires; warm caramel, golden blonde and hot toffee all read like a trendy cafe menu. Don't get caught up with the hype of it all - hair color is more than just a clever name and neatly-perfect marketing.

It's easy to fall, into the wrong hands of a new box of hair dye. B oxed color has improved over the years mainly because manufacturers of salon products are using their knowledge to improve boxed color. The difference is in the service rather than the product.

Speaking with our Color Director, he explained, "the risk factor for a potential hair-disaster is very high. What you see on a box never translates to actual results. Hair is unique to each person, a salon can give you custom results for your hair and about your hair."

Having a trial-run with a colorist will ease any cautions one might have before coloring. The right colorist will inform, educate and create the best color for you and your hair.

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