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Inside & Out: Spa Excape

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Between hectic schedules, romantic makeups, breakups and everything and the kitchen sink on our backs, its no wonder a little self-pampering goes amighty long way - and improves our health.

Manicures, pedicures, hair styling and massage significantly reduce anxiety and increases mental health according to a 37-study meta-analysis. It might be as simple as changing nail polish or getting a facial. High and low’s of daily life often reflect on the outside, exposing emotions.

If a facial or soothing massage even cutting a few inches for fresh style is a depression defender Three quarters of people who received massage-style therapy had less anxiety and or depression then those who didn’t.

nuBest salon and spas has become a haven for bonding experiences not just making clients feel and look beautiful. Bonding is a key element that plays an interregnal role in how we deal with stress- and who doesn’t vent or tell tales out of school with their stylist - that’s half the fun.

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