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Guy Guide: The Greaser

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You are the guy who reads GQ and keeps a stack of back-issue Details Magazine on the bedside table because, looking good is more of a motto then a chore in the morning or just a guy who doesn't fuss much in the mirror, yet has his eye on what looks good and what works.

Either way, it's hard to miss the return-to-retro as men's hairstyles pomp and pouf and reach new heights and here is the low-down and under 10 min -

The Guys Guide To Getting Greaser

  • The right product: nuBest top stylists reach for the ultra-cool JS Sloane Medium Brilliantine. Not only does JS Sloane's little amber jars have that clever retro vibe but the product is a go-to for creating a sleek style.  A small amount of product is all you need.
  • Blow dry: by adding pomade to damp hair a few shots of a hot dryer is enough to create lift to get that full pompadour style rockin. Lift at roots is key - check out plenty of tips online to learn.
  • Technique: side part, no part, that's all up to you. Combed back, combed up, any sort of way that fits your mood.
  • Shine: the most important touch! Have you ever seen James dean or Elvis with dull, lack-luster locks? You wont. It's all about classic, handsome good hair-not lacquered "do not touch" style. Sure it may be retro and vintage but hair grease has come a might long way and not heavy and hard to wash out like days of old.

Check out all of JS Sloane's products at nuBest and ask your stylist to keep a ready supply in stock!

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