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get the look : lady gaga and beyonce in "telephone"

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yesterday marked the premiere of lady gaga's latest video masterpiece, "telephone" featuring beyonce knowles. clocking in at just under 10 minutes, the video is the second part in a series beginning with gaga's previous video for "paparazzi" (also directed by jonas akerlund). while "telephone" was undeniably visually stunning and vivid, it's seemingly interminable run time, the heavy reliance on product placement (anyone else craving diet coke or wonder bread?), and beyonce's simultaneously over-the-top and subpar acting skills are all somewhat difficult to get past. however, this is not to say that "telephone" didn't have its fair share of swoon-worthy moments.

one thing that caught our eye was beyonce's makeup in the roadside diner scene:

the use of bright colors to accentuate the eyes is one of the major trends for this spring. we saw it on the spring runways; it was used to excellent effect at the L.A.M.B. show, where the models' makeup was kept minimal with the exception of a swipe of neon pink or fluorescent yellow eyeliner. when we saw beyonce's adaptation of the look, we were met with a funny feeling of déjà vu, because just a few days prior to the release of the video, our own anna naso experimented with a similar look, using stylist's assistant monica as her model:

if you overlook the grainy quality of the photo (oh, the ramifications of working with a camera phone!), you can see that anna had used a pale yellow shadow on monica's lids. she also used a gel liner along the upper lash line, flicking it slightly upward upon reaching the outer corner of the eye to create a winged effect -- just like B! anna decided to keep the rest of monica's makeup pared down, to keep the focus on the colorful eye. you can probably guess that we won't be re-creating beyonce's patriotic manicure or bettie page bangs any time soon.

the idea of experimenting with color on the eyes is a huge trend for fall, so what do you think? would you give yellow eyeshadow a try? or is this a look that only gaga and beyonce can pull off?

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