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Fishtail Braid 101

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Want one of the simple braid hairstyles that looks difficult? The fishtail braid can be a tight braid or more of a free flowing sexy braid. It's a twist on the classic French braid that is easy, but might not look that way.

1. Part your hair into two even sections. 
2. Take a small strand of hair (preferably from underneath so that it wraps around the entire section) from one section and bring it over to the other side. Make sure your strands of hair aren't too large, or it will look more like a regular braid! 
3. Do the same thing with the other section. 
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the braid is finished. 
5. To make your braid a little more full looking, lightly tug the edges of the braid to widen it.
You can also stop by nuBest and one of our stylists will be happy to complete your fishtail braid!

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