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Fashion Week: ETRO

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ETRO the high-profile designer sent fall-fashioned models one, by one, owning the runway at The Americanas swank Toku restaurant on Thursday.

With our hair team and makeup artists prepping the models with sleek waved styles and painted with a palette of pure opalescent skin and deep bold lips.

The makeup reflected the designers concept, keeping the focus clean yet powerful enough to highlight this seasons collection.

Get This Look:
Start with a clean slate adding concealer and follow with a warm or nude foundation depending on skin type.

Granted, not every girl is pinning waves each morning, but adding high-shine and a few pins, you can play up the drama, without too much work!

We used a light creme amber for shadow and filled in the brows to enhance shape and definition.

The lip was the feature, using the new-trend "berry" seen in dozens of magazines. It's new, fall-ish and right on trend.

You can step it up even more and try a wine-shade polish or if you are afraid of a bold lip - try a softer shade!

ETRO 2012

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