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fall hair color : warm up

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although temperatures may be dropping, when it comes to coloring your hair this fall, the operative word is "warmth." to properly autumnize your hair, opt for deeper, richer tones. for instance, if you're a brunette, go for a deep chocolate hue. as a reference point, look to jessica biel, who just debuted a darker 'do for the season at an event in beverly hills last night (pictured at left).

blondes, on the other hand, should warm up with a caramel color, and should also avoid highlights, as they lend themselves more to a sun-streaked summer look. if you can't part with your highlights, make sure to keep your base color a shade darker, to give the hair a greater sense of dimension. finally, redheads should try a rich mahogany shade (and hold the highlights). as emphasized before on this very blog, going red is one of the biggest color trends for this season, so make a statement with a single-toned deep red hue.
do you change your hair color from season to season? are you thinking about trying a completely new color this fall? tell us by leaving a comment!

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