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DIY: Italian Heads

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stars take the crown
D&G 2012
Fashion brings new delights, old returns and unexpected twists. That's what we expect - we crave. Each year some might say, the "same ole same ole" but even if so, with a detailed eye - you can be right on trend!

Flowers, flowers everywhere and every season. The floral "crown" dates centuries old with a flower- power remake during the 70's and for today this accessory still has staying power. This time, it's all about italian -romance!

DIY: crafting a flower crown

Hit the craft shop and get creative!

D&G fashion house showed Italian glamour - deep dark hues, full brows and plenty of romantic European flair with crowns encrusted with old-world accessories. Try one on for size!

  • craft wire works for making a headband, just measure from ear to ear and double the wire twisting together. 
  • make sure to cut ends neatly and bend under. Twisting the wire creates a base to glue on small embellishments, flowers and extras. 
  • a store-bought headband works just as great or ribbon, elastic even hair combs for a different effect. Flowers are just for starters! 
  • pearls, faceted jewels, feathers, all kinds of goodies can enhance and build a whole new level of personal style - all created by you!

  Think Italian-ate style. Black pearls, onyx embellishments and heavy gilt details  

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