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cutting it close

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don't know if it's just a case of the heat getting to us (what's that, another 90+ degree day?!), but some mornings we just want to give up when it comes to styling our long, layered hair. further fueling this desire to lose all the length is the recent crop of starlets who have gone for close-cropped styles. take emma watson for example, whose newly unveiled twiggy-meets-mia farrow pixie cut has us all but scrambling for the closest pair of shears:
word on the street is that she took the plunge to better her chances of snagging a role in the upcoming movie the girl with the dragon tattoo -- regardless of whether or not it's true, we think that emma pulls off the gamine style effortlessly. other stars who have gone short as of late include ginnifer goodwin, cate blanchett, michelle williams and 90210's jessica stroup, not to mention those who have been working the look long before it became so trendy, like halle berry. if the lengthy list of aforementioned names is any indication, super-short haircuts are almost universally flattering, no matter your age, hair color or face shape. in fact, the only thing that needs to be taken into consideration is your hair's natural texture; those of you with very thick, coarse hair might not want to try this look, as you'll run the risk of having hair that looks too bulky or heavy. if you're interested in a close-crop hairstyle, you may want to take heed of these expert tips:
  • very short styles are most compatible with oval face shapes (although, as already stated, the look can work with virtually any face shape).
  • if you have a heart-shaped face, avoid too much volume at the crown of your head. if you have a round face, the opposite applies; volume at the crown will add height and make your face appear narrower.
  • those of you with square faces would do well to add a slight, wispy bang and keep layers light and soft.
  • if you have any other concerns, talk about it with your stylist! they have the expertise to help you achieve the perfect pixie.

what do you think of emma watson's new cut? are you daring enough to go for a close-cropped style? tell us what you think!

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