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catwalk to real walk

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welcome to "catwalk to real walk," a weekly feature where we take the hottest hair and beauty trends from the runway and re-create them with the help of our amazing staff members. while some of these trends tend to be a bit extreme, rest assured that our interpretations are achievable and can be easily integrated into your daily beauty routine. today's subject is Dee, one of our stylists' assistants:

of course, Dee is beautiful, doesn't even need a makeover, and her slicked back bun and natural makeup is a great example of a sophisticated daytime look. but, for the sake of this feature, we decided to give her a look that ups the ante just a bit. one of the prominent spring trends involved the return of "big hair" -- hair with volume, body and texture. so turn down the heat on your flat-irons and toss out those sticky straightening serums, because mercilessly pin-straight hair is no longer in style! with that in mind, and with further ado, here is Dee's new look:

first, we prepped Dee's dry hair with Logics DNA Leave-In Conditioning Protector, a lightweight spray that protects and revives hair while adding brilliant luster. then, our stylist Glen sectioned her hair into thick braids, and lightly clamped down on the braids using our very own nuBest Styling Iron on a low heat (a versatile must-have iron that can create both straight and wavy styles). after several minutes, Glen used his fingers to gently take out the braids (be careful not to be too aggressive when running your fingers through your hair, so you don't undo the natural wave created by the braid). then, to give more dimension to Dee's waves, Glen used a medium-barrel curling iron to "detail" the hair, or curl random pieces of hair while holding the curling iron in various directions (either away from the face or towards it). detailing the hair further gives the look a sense of effortlessness. he finished by taking a dime-sized amount of Textureline Material, a finishing paste, and applying the Material throughout the interior of the hair and to the ends to create separation and hold. if nothing else, you should invest in the Material -- i swear by the stuff, and use it every time i style my own hair, whether it's wavy or straight! finally, as a finishing touch, Glen took the front sections of hair on either side of Dee's middle part, twisted them back off of the face, and secured them with bobby pins.

simply add a pink blush to the apples of your cheeks, eyeliner that extends out just past the eye for a winged effect, and a swipe of mascara (don't you wish you had Dee's lashes?!) and you are ready for a night out!

are there any trends or looks that you would like to see us re-create? is there anything that you would like for us to explain more? do you think a video tutorial would be more helpful? let us know in the comments section!

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