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catwalk to real walk

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for this week's catwalk to real walk, we were inspired by a recent editorial in this month's marie claire magazine. the article was about new ways to wear red makeup, but when we came across this photo, we were immediately drawn to the model's intricate eye shadow:

purple, violet, lavender, lilac, whatever you want to call it -- this particular hue is going to be huge this spring. most noticeably popping up at versace's spring/summer fashion show, it seems that everything is, in fact, coming up violets. so, we decided to interpret this trend using the above photo as our guide. here are the results, as modeled by staci, one of our lovely stylists:

before we discuss how great staci looks, we must give credit to our resident makeup expert
anna naso, who did an amazing job of re-creating the look in marie claire. however, it must be said that this eyeshadow application is not for the faint of heart (it's definitely an attention-grabber) nor for makeup novices; if you're looking to achieve this look, you should probably schedule your makeup application appointment at nuBest ASAP! for those of you who have a passion for purple, but favor a less dramatic approach, anna also created this look using the beautiful sosi, who is one of our colorists:

for this look, anna used a frosty lavender shadow and applied it all over the lid and just past the crease of the eye. she then took a darker violet shade and applied it to the outside corner of the eyes, extending it slightly outward to create a subtle winged effect. she also traced this darker violet shadow along sosi's lower lash line, all the way to the lower inner corners of each eye. anna finished with a coat of mascara, a touch pink blush on the apples of the cheeks, and a neutral lip gloss (keeping the eyes as the focal point of the look), and voila!

all of the products used in each makeover can be found at nuBest's Make-Up Center. if you have any questions about the products used in either look, or if you'd like to schedule an appointment for a makeup application or lesson at nuBest, please leave us a comment below!

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