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catwalk to real walk

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if you're in new york, you already know that it is absolutely beautiful outside today! after what seemed like a loooong winter, that alternated between blizzards and downpours, it seems that spring has finally sprung! in celebration of the newly balmy conditions, we are turning our attention to the lips for today's catwalk to real walk. on the runway at marc by marc jacobs, models were decked out in vibrantly colored and patterned clothes with a subversive punk-rock feel, all topped off with a big, bright bow adorning their frizzy ponytails -- and their makeup was accordingly vivid. in this case, the focus was on the lips, which were painted a bold fuchsia hue. this look was almost immediately embraced by those working the red carpet, as evidenced by ashley greene of the twilight series of movies. pictured below are ms. greene and her runway inspiration:

following this lead, we decided to give the fuchsia lip a test run at the nuBest make-up center. using our salon coordinator, maria, as our model for the day, here are the results (makeup done by anna naso):

for those of you who consider yourselves makeup neophytes, fear not, because this look is relatively simple to re-create. all it takes is a bright pink lipstick (which, if you don't have, you can purchase at the nuBest make-up center). at the marc by marc jacobs show, a matte lipstick was used, while it appears that ashley greene opted for something with a little more shine; although we went with the runway look as our true inspiration and chose to go matte, either a matte or a glossy shade is right on trend. in keeping with our inspiration, anna kept the rest of maria's makeup understated and clean. she simply lined the upper lash line with a black liner (creating a cat-eye effect at the outer corners -- another prominent spring trend!), highlighted the inner corners of the eyes with a white pencil to truly open the eyes, and used a shimmery highlighting powder on her cheekbones to accentuate maria's flawless skin and bone structure.
what do you think of today's look? would you incorporate a fuchsia lip into your beauty routine? if you have any questions for our make-up experts, or if you want to weigh in with your opinion, leave us a comment -- we'd love to hear what you think!

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