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catwalk to real walk

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as the proverb goes, "when it rains, it pours." well, over the past few days it was pouring (again!) on the east coast and we are OVER IT. as a welcome distraction from this seemingly unending streak of dreary days, we've decided to have a bit of fun with today's catwalk to real walk. feeling a little ambitious, we took inspiration from yves saint laurent's spring/summer 2010 fashion show. at this show, ysl creative director stefano pilati sent his models out with some interesting hair accessories:

each model's head was adorned with 10 to 15 plastic headbands. (on a side note: when we see these spiky headbands, we're immediately taken back to elementary school..but if ysl is bringing 'em back, we're willing to give it a second chance!) the assorted black, gold and silver headbands, layered upon one another, created a visually striking effect when seen on the runway. for an everyday look, though, it might come across as too avant-garde. thus, we tried to create a runway-inspired look that can be worn on a day-to-day basis, and we enlisted our very own stylist karina to test it out on stylist's assistant helen. here are the results:

in her interpretation, karina used three headbands (as opposed to the 10-15 used at ysl) in a dark brown color, as the black and metallic headbands lend themselves to a more dramatic look that may be best suited for an unique evening look. karina pulled helen's hair back into a high, messy bun before setting the headbands in place. if you're feeling experimental, you can use a few more headbands and pile them onto each other, which is essentially what hairstylist julian d'Ys did at ysl.

anna naso created helen's makeup look, and she chose to inject a bit of color by implementing coral lips and eyes. coral and orange are going to be huge colors for spring (they popped up at prada and giambattista valli, among others), with the former being the more toned-down of the two, making it ideal for a daytime look.

what do you think of today's transformation? do you think you can rock the layered headband look? how would you incorporate coral or orange into your makeup routine? let us know what you think by leaving us a comment!

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