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Growing Out Bangs Gracefully

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You've hit that awkward in-between stage, right? But don't touch the scissors entirely, be patient and know you still have many options.

Trim, But Don’t Chop

The secret to growing out bangs successfully may surprise you: schedule regular bang trims. Trims actually help your hair grow longer more quickly, while avoiding the bang remorse cycle. Trimming promotes healthy hair, and healthier hair is more apt to absorb moisture and vitamins to help it grow.

Think Deep and Weighty

Keeping your hair moisturized is important; moisture prevents breakage, which is key to successfully growing out bangs. To keep your hair well-hydrated, treat your strands with deep-conditioning masks 

Get to the Best Part

Now is the time to choose sides. When growing out your bangs, switch from a middle part to one positioned to the left or right, angling it down slightly from the crown of your head. An angled part is your best bet when in the growing-out process.

Hang Out With the Band

Sometimes, you simply want your bangs off your forehead altogether. No problem! Thin headbands are timeless and perfect accessories when growing out bangs. No matter your fringe length, you can pop one on to push your bangs up, back, and away, just like Rachel McAdams—and no one will be the wiser to your hair transition.

Do the Twist

Add this tuck-and-roll technique to your hairstyle repertoire; it serves to mask any awkward fringe regrowth seamlessly. Roll the lengths of your bangs and tuck them along your hairline either tightly or loosely, like AnnaLynne McCord; then secure the roll near your ear using a hairpin or bobby pin.

-Nargas Karimi

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