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Why Women Change Their Look?

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There's nothing like a trip to nuBest salon and spa to make you feel brand new. On average, women try 150 different hairstyles over their lifetime.

The main reasons for changing styles, include getting bored with their current look or seeing a celebrity - such as Victoria Beckham, who has modeled a number of different styles over the last decade - with a cut or color they like.

Some other women get a new style or color for their wedding, or change their locks after having a baby. A milestone birthday, before giving birth and graduating university were also among the big life events, which have led to a new hairstyle.

Other popular reasons for a change of style include going through a relationship break-up and liking the attention that a new look brings.

When you’re in need of a change and want a new look, be sure to make an appointment for nuBest and stop by!


-Nargas Karimi

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