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Full, Boyish Brows

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Strong and boyish brows are becoming a microtrend. Arches are becoming archless. From the streets to fashion runways, bold brows are being spotted everywhere. If your hoping for a sudden growth spurt then don’t worry, we’ll share a secret with you!

Tweeze strays between the brows, near the temple and below the arches, without shaping them. To achieve thick brows, only use a tweezer to clean up the middle and sides of your brow. Never pluck hair inside the brow. This will thin it out and take forever to grow back. Take a brow color that's one shade lighter than your hair and fill in gaps with a brow kit.

Blend and feather to get a soft, diffused look. Use a spoolie or clean wand from an old mascara to avoid looking too sharp. Brushing brows up looks the most natural.


-Nargas Karimi

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