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Are Splashlights the New Ombre?

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Wait til you see what the latest trend for hair in 2014 is… splashlights! What is it and how do you get the look? The horizontal band of bleached hair is quite an innovation.


The colorist starts by painting a horizontal strip of bleach on your hair. The next process involves highlighting the top layers until the bleached highlighted strip is included. Finally, dye the hair with a matching shade to your natural color, OR with other colors, like pastels.

But are you enough of a dare-devil to trade your ombre for splashlights?

-Nargas Karimi

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  • you can not dye your hair so often and so quickly, it takes 15 days to touch up roots and at least one month to paint it again. But he tinhks the solution is you can just cut the ends of the hair and apply 2 times a week in vitamin A mixed with a teaspoon of dexpanthenol, leave for 15 minutes only on the damaged hair part, wash with shampoo and rinse with leave in one go, do not use heat let it dry naturally. Repeat until you realize that the hair is recovered.I hope this can helps. Dye your hair blonde or bleach them always damage the hair. Kisses from Brazil

    Posted by Kirova on 04/06/2014

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