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Hairstyles That Defined An Era

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Hair trends have the amazing ability to rekindle memories of years past. Below are cutting-edge hairstyles, which became definitive markers of each distinct era. Take a look at "it" hairstyles of the last 40 years!

The 1970s went from afros, to blunt bangs, to headbands. Hairstyles consisted of a center part, with layered hair around the face and lots of bounce. The 70s were full of styles that were natural and did not involve a lot of maintenance.


(Jerry Hall and Farrah Fawcett)

The 1980s stated: “the bigger, the better.” Hairstyles consisted of lots of hairspray to bring out the volume. Mullets and crimped looks were very popular.


(Joan Collins and Cyndi Lauper)

The 1990s was more of a softer, smoother series of hairstyles and haircuts. Flat ironing came into fashion, as did razor cutting, which enabled the creation of smoothly, transitioned layered cuts.


(Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts)

We’ve seen many bold hairstyles in our current decade, from long and straight hair, to the bob, and the pixie cut. Towards the end of the era, it has been all about long, voluminous hair with lots of layers. This look can be fun, yet sexy. For a day in or a night out.

(Sienna Miller and Scarlett Johansson)

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