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BTS Hair-spiration from nuBest

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Impress all of your friends on the first day of school! Whether your hair is long or short, these styles are sure to earn you the title of “Best Tressed” all year!

Half Up Style - First blow dry your hair with a diffuser to get your natural texture but with a bit of extra volume. Then, use your fingers to roughly comb the top half of your hair back and secure in place with a few bobby pins! Tug gently at some of the sections in the front to let the shortest pieces frame your face.

Everyone loves some loose wavy curls. To get this look, use a 2 inch curing iron to create big, loose curls all over your hair.  Then spray some hairspray to make that style last all day!

One of the best ways to show off your unique style this Fall is to wear a cute hairbow on top of your. Try using a bow to clip half of your hair up or wear a bow on the side, to clip back bangs! 

Another way to style your hair is to incorporate some braids. First, make a few braids to slide into your ponytail, and make sure you secure them with a hairtie! Then, pull all of your hair into a loose, low side ponytail that includes the braids.  So chic!

One of the best ways to hide a bad hair day is to wear a high ballet bun on top of your head. Pull all of your hair into a tight bun, and secure with a few bobby pins and some hairspray.  Try wearing some fun earrings to complement the look! Your hair will be out of your face all day long.


-Nargas Karimi


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