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Eyebrows: Tweeze, Thread or Wax?

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Is it that time when you need to get your eyebrows trimmed and shaped? Can't decide whether to tweeze, thread, or wax them? It all comes down to something that’s least painful, with great results of course.

Eyebrows are one of the first things a person sees on the face. If too short or too long, this can change the whole appearance of the face.

Eyebrows also play an important role in our expressions of communication by expressing certain emotions like surprise or anger. It has also become more common for men to pluck their eyebrows, especially in the middle of the brows, to appear more youthful and attractive.


For the pricing, the most affordable is tweezing, since you could do it at the comfort of your own home. You are obviously going to be tweezing them, but the tricky question is, did you get most of your hair trimmed? Are they even? You have to make sure you don't over tweeze your eyebrows because then you’ll have to wait for them to grow back (not fun).


Eyebrow threading originated in India and now is widely used in the United States. Threading uses a string to remove hair and is a great option for those of you with delicate skin. While waxing tugs at the skin, threading barely has any contact with your skin so it doesn't lead to irritation. Additionally, threading doesn't remove the top layer of skin, so your makeup will stick to your skin properly and it won't lead to irritation, if you're using a topical prescription cream either.


If you have coarse hair...Wax! If you have thicker hair that grows back quickly, waxing is definitely the best option for you. Not only do most people see thinner, softer re-growth, they can also go longer in between waxes since the results are fairly long lasting. This method is quite fast, but a bit painful if you are not accustomed to it.

Let our professionals at nuBest take care of your brows. Just remember to let them grow beforehand, so they can be shaped. Call 516.627.9444 to make an appointment.

-Nargas Karimi

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