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BEAT the HEAT with these Hairstyles

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While we love letting our hair down, sometimes it's just not possible. Scorching temps and high humidity mean you'll want your strands off your shoulders and away from sweat. Opt for a quick up-do to keep you looking cute and feeling cool.


The side french braid: This side-swept braid is something of a cross between a waterfall braid and the french braid Katniss Everdeen wore in The Hunger Games movie. Not only is it a chic way to keep hair out of your face on a hot day, but it also looks elegant on a night out. 


The high ponytail: Sky-high ponytails are back - and boy are they fierce as ever. Simply comb your hair back and gather your hair into a ponytail. Before securing, add a bit of texturizing hairspray to your roots and tousle. It will create a less severe, more playful hairstyle that's perfect for summer.


The samurai bun: This style sits high atop your head and is super cute. Comb all your hair back, nixing your part and gather atop your crown. Twist into a neat little bun and secure with a ponytail holder and pins. This look stays put all day and is both office and happy hour appropriate.


The fishtail braid: Just like the basic braid, this braid turns out best if you pull hair back into a ponytail first. The difference between the two braids is that you are going to separate the ponytail into 2 strands instead of three. Here's more on how to achieve the look: Fishtail Braid 101

-Nargas Karimi

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