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Protect Your Entire Body: Not Just Your Face

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The best thing to happen to lotions is body lotions with SPF. Now you can protect your entire body from harmful UV Rays. Use one of the two Sonya Dakar body lotions with SPF, after your morning shower and you'll always start your day protected from the sun.

The Sonya Dakar MicroVenom Daily Defense SPF 30 Body, defends your body from the sun's UV rays and helps to reverse sun damage. Synake, a synthetic snake venom, helps to firm the skin and reduce wrinkles. Apple stem cells improve the skin's regeneration process for a smoother skin texture.

Or, you can use the Sonya Dakar Daily Body Shield SPF 30. It’s easy to shield your skin from the sun with this non-greasy sunscreen. Formulated with 4 different chemical sun filters, this lightweight lotion provides full protection from both UVA and UVB rays, which helps to protect your skin from photo-aging.

Stop by nuBest to purchase your own Sonya Dakar body lotion, for your own convenience, to apply it anytime, anywhere and to stay protected throughout the day.

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    Posted by Siomy on 04/06/2014

  • China as we know it today did not really exist 50-60 years ago. China was for a very very long time just a ratagg collection of noisy fiefdoms controlled by blood-thirsty warlords who were intent on killing one another. This is why it’s not easy trying to swallow the People’s Republic of China’s very recent argument that the resource-rich islands and shoals, that the PRC are now trying to wrestle away from other countries, are historically theirs: the Senkaku Islands, the Spratleys, Scarborough Shoals, etc. It is actually quite ridiculous then when weaker nations ask for international help against PRC aggression over these territories, that the PRC propaganda machine immediately bashes Western countries for their so-called meddling into the PRC’s internal affairs.The PRC only quite recently, in the past 20 or so years, have been able to economically and militarily bully or bribe smaller countries into considering these so called historical claims. Just because someone from the Chinese mainland drew a map of an area does not mean the PRC has valid and legal rights to that area. Rome had maps of territories that it actually occupied centuries ago but that does not mean that the Vatican can go claim them as theirs today.There are international laws and procedures to settle these disputes, as long winded and complicated as they may be. If the PRC truly believes that it has valid claims to the disputed territories (and yes, they are disputed territories the PRC does not have undisputed sovereignty over them as the PRC’s Propaganda Department wants everyone to believe) then the PRC should state their case and have the issue resolved by the United Nations. The PRC cannot claim undisputed sovereignty over these islands and shoals without expecting any international backlash.Even now in certain countries that have experienced PRC bullying, there are grass-roots calls to boycott products that are made in China. They have recognized that every dollar spent on products that are made in the PRC will only contribute to the manufacture of more Chinese bullets, gunships, rockets and missiles that might be used against them if push ever comes to shove over these disputed territories. If the PRC continues its tactics of proclaiming its desire for peace and stability in Asia yet does not follow international laws and procedures to settle territorial disputes, this call for a boycott on PRC-made products might spread around the globe. It might become the last peaceful way for people worldwide to remind the PRC that if it wants to be respected, it needs to respect other countries just as much.

    Posted by Clarice on 04/04/2014

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