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5 Poolside Hair Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

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Want to make sure your hair survives the sun, salt and chlorine over Memorial day weekend? Here are 5 tips to get you through the long weekend.

1. Wear a hat. Not only will it save your skin, it will save your hair color. If you blondes want to be blonder, wear a visor and your color can lighten up almost a full shade.
2. Brunettes wanting to save their color, but don’t want to wear a hat? Invest in a tub of the Kerastase UV Defense masque. Not only will it protect your hair from the UV rays, but it will moisturize your hair as well.
3. Suit up before you jump in the pool. And I don’t mean swim suit… Don’t let chlorine be the first thing to get your hair wet when you take the plunge. Either wet your hair down with water before you jump in or slather a dime size of conditioner in your hair and comb it through.
4. At the beach, drop a deep conditioner and wide tooth comb in your bag. My favorite is Moroccanoil Hydrating styling cream Treatment. Work a quarter size amount through wet hair, comb through and let the sun be your hair’s best friend. This is the best and most luxurious treatment on the market.
5. Green hair S.O.S – USE Milk! Just put some milk on a bowl, and wash your hair, rubbing a little. It sounds weird, but it really works! And as a bonus, the hair will be soft and hydrate!

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