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Beauty Scoops: Season 2 Episode 3 of Empire

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For a formal, Champagne-filled dinner that probably involved some verbal warfare among the Lyon family — or maybe another lingerie reveal — Cookie opted for a sheer, polka dot blouse and glittery lips. The celebrity makeup artist behind the look, went for a classic red lip with red glitter for a modern-day spin. She paired the lipstick with a dramatic lash and winged liner for that retro-Hollywood look.

The makeup artist used a lip balm to prep the lips. Then, she lined Cookie’s lips with a red lip liner, colored them in with an opaque, red matte lipstick and used her finger to pat on red glitter; props for none of it coming off on that Champagne flute.

As for Cookie’s voluminous hair, the hairstylist went with a different wig and created full-body curls by working through it with an iron. Then, she pinned the curls to set while Cookie sat in makeup. After that, the hairstylist used her bone comb and ran her fingers through Cookie’s hair so she can have that body. Finally, the hairstylist spritzed on volumizer and Oribe Superfine Strong Hairspray for flexible, moveable hold. You know, for optimal head tosses and all that.

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